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 You Must Read This Book, About This Shocking True Story!


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"They Killed My Son" is the tragic story, told in a grieving father's own words, about the wrongful death of his son due to medical errors, and the path to justice. You'll read about the family's life before, during, and after (their son) little Junior's untimely death. Share in their immeasurable grief as they watched, horrified and powerless, as their loved one leaves this world. Learn how the patriarch of this loving family educates himself, both medically and politically, in order to confront and win out over those responsible for their baby's wrongful death. Feel how their faith sustains them during this unimaginably painful episode in their lives. This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever witnessed or experienced a wrong, and wished they could have done something about it.

                                                                                  First Editing, Orlando, FL 32832, USA

"They Killed My Son" is a heart-wrenching account of the death of the author's son at barely over one year of age. A personal story told in an intimate way, "They Killed My Son" takes the reader into the lives of an ordinary family as a tragedy occurs with its youngest member. Zebedee and Karen Collins are the loving parents of five daughters, but they long for a son. At last, their prayers are answered with the birth of Junior. From the start, however, Junior experiences cold-like symptoms that stubbornly refuse to leave despite numerous trips to the doctor. Fourteen months after his birth, Junior dies during one of these visits. Junior's father is convinced that his son's death is due to errors by the medical professionals. He sets out to learn the truth. "They Killed My Son" will leave your soul aching for Junior and his family. Along the way, you will learn about Respiratory Syncytial Virus, RSV, the leading cause for hospitalization for babies less than twelve months old.

                                                                                  Stokes McMillan, author of "One Night of Madness"

In his well written book, "They Killed My Son", Zebedee Collins shares with the readers a very personal glimpse into his family, the joy they shared in the birth of his son, and the happiness they experienced during the 14 months of his son's life. In his book, Mr. Collins carries the readers through the shock and overwhelming grief of his son's untimely wrongful death at the hands of medical professionals; and in addition, he reveals the profound promise he made to his dying son about relentlessly pursuing and uncovering the truth concerning what happen to him. While on this journey, the readers will receive a much needed education regarding the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and preventable Medical Errors that cause unnecessary suffering resulting in 44,000 to 98,000 deaths annually in the United States. Last but not least, in his book, "They Killed My Son", Mr. Collins shares with his readers how faith and love will sustain a family through life's greatest adversities. I would strongly recommend this book to any interested reader.

                                                                                  Rich Gehlhausen, Host, Storyteller's Campfire World Literacy

                                                                                  Radio Program, Bellevue, WA                                                   

If you ever felt like the world had turned against you, the same world that states that your loved ones are important, then "They Killed My Son!" is a book you definite must read. Every year, families throughout the world struggle with the thought that their loved ones will suffer at the hands of the people that are supposed to love them the most -- medical assistants and doctors. A family of 7 had waited forever it seemed to finally have a son. And that son finally came as a special blessing. But it seemed that his time with his sisters and parents was short. Ameen, "daddy's" pride and joy suffered through the horrors of missteps by the very people who you would think would care about him the most. The pain the family suffered, the excuses that were plentiful by medical assistants, goes to show that not even the little "joys of life" are protected. "They Killed My Son!" is a book that will not only rip your heart out for families that suffer due to wrongful medical practices. It is a story that will cause you to think about second guessing those who provide medical treatment for your loved ones. If anything, it will cause you to question why some with years of education and treatment to thousands in hospitals, doctors office visits and clinics simply aren't always capable of saying, "we were wrong".

                                                                                   Tracy Allen, Reporter, "The Kansas City Call News Paper"

On behalf of my son, Junior, and family, this book is dedicated to all the families who have had a loved one who has suffered from serious injuries or death as a result of preventable medical errors caused by doctors, but did not know where to turn to find a voice to speak out for them concerning their shocking experience. You must read this book.                             

                                                                                   Zebedee R. Collins, Author, They Killed My Son

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