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While his son, Ameen Zebedee Collins Jr., was hospitalized and being treated for the respiratory virus called RSV, he mysteriously stops breathing and later died. Doctors listed the caused of death as, a brain tumor; however, Zebedee Collins Sr., knew better. Through medical research and the aid of an independent medical examiner, the author, Zebedee Collins Sr., proved the doctors wrong and uncovered the real cause of his son's death as, medical errors.  You must read this book!

The Author and His Family

Bottom Row: The Author, Zebedee Collins Sr.; and Wife, Karen Collins
Top Row: Daughters, Fahteema Collins, Rayjah Collins, Mecca Collins, Chimeen Collins, and Medina Collins.


                                                                     About the author: 
Zebedee Collins, as an outstanding achiever as a author and publisher of the book entitled: "They Killed My Son", has been nominated, selected and included in the 2013 Inaugural Edition of the book "WHO'S WHO" in Kansas City's African American community! Zebedee Collins has been a father since 1973. He is a Baptist Minister who earned his theology certification from Victorious Life Bible Institute in Kansas City, Mo. in 2004. Mr. Collins also worked in property management, electrical maintenance, heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning service and repair. Mr. Collins has also earned a certificate in conducting legal research. He and his family still resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

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